The Prior Informal Petition to City Council

What about that other petition? Didn't I already sign something? 

You may have already signed our informal petition to Boulder City Council at If so, thank you!! That informal petition to City Council was an important step in raising awareness and bringing our community together in early 2024. We have closed the informal petition at and will deliver the results to City Council. We'll post our results report here soon.

And now, like a cool caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly, our campaign has transformed into the Airport Neighborhood Campaign. 

We are now working to get on the ballot for the November 2024 election. This issue is so consequential, the voters should decide. 

Boulder voters, please sign at the city's Direct Democracy Online website to put Repurpose Our Runways and Runways to Neighborhoods on the November ballot! 

Let's keep working together to bring the Airport Neighborhood Campaign to the voters!