We've compiled answers to many of the question we get asked.  

  • Boulder Airport FAQ
    Detailed information on topics such as:
    • What would it take to close the airport?
    • Does the airport protect us from other plane traffic? 
    • Leaded aviation fuel
    • Noise pollution
    • Aerial emergency services
    • The airport and science
    • Airport economics 
    • Plane crashes

  • Neighborhoods FAQ
    Detailed information on topics such as:
    • What kind of neighborhoods would replace the airport?
    • How many homes and businesses could be built there?
    • Why not build housing in other places instead? 
    • Who is leading the Airport Neighborhood Campaign? Is this a front for developers? 
    • Why are we talking about this now? 
    • Voices of local neighbors and leaders in favor of repurposing the airport 
  • Myths and Facts
    Short and sweet answers to common myths perpetuated by the aviation community such as: 
    • Myth: If we close the airport, we lose critical emergency services and put Boulder at risk
    • Myth: Closing the airport would cost the City of Boulder $100 million
    • Myth: Most noise complaints are generated by the same few unhappy neighbors 
    • Myth: A recent local study proves that leaded aviation fuel is not a problem
    • Myth: We don’t need to worry about leaded aviation fuel because unleaded fuel is coming
    • Myth: Clean, quiet airplanes will soon replace older planes
    • Myth: We need to keep our airport for “the future of aviation”
    • Myth: The housing built at the airport site won’t be affordable 
    • Myth: We know that the community wants to keep the airport