How bad is the noise from airplanes?

Really bad and getting worse! It’s a real and growing problem that is forcing families to move.

In otherwise quiet residential streets in Boulder, aviation noise has been measured at over 85dB, which is loud enough to cause permanent hearing loss. Planes from BDU are so loud that conversations have to stop and cars cannot be heard when crossing the street. Boulder residents have testified at City Council about wearing earplugs and noise-canceling headphones all day long in their own homes and hiding in their basements on busy airport days.

Plane traffic is at its worst when the weather is best. On beautiful days, impacted residents can’t stand to be outside in their own yards and gardens because of the extreme noise from planes constantly flying low overhead. 

Our group knows of at least seven families who have left Boulder in recent years specifically due to plane traffic from BDU. More are planning to leave. The impact is real.

Prolonged exposure to disturbing noise is known to have health impacts and can be used as torture. Long-term exposure to noise can increase inflammation and cause cardiovascular disease, hypertension, heart attacks, and other adverse health effects. Children are also more sensitive to noise, which interferes with learning.

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