Repurpose Our Runways & Runways to Neighborhoods

Boulder's airport creates pollution and is used primarily by a small number of private plane enthusiasts.
Join the movement to repurpose it into new mixed-use neighborhoods with 50% affordable housing on site!



City of Boulder Voters

Sign online to get Repurpose our Runways & Runways to Neighborhoods onto the November, 2024 ballot.

Visit Boulder Direct Democracy Online to sign electronically.   You will need:

  • Your phone number in your voter record to receive a security code
  • To retrieve your Voter ID number (we'll show you how below - it's easy!)

The instructions that follow will walk you through. There is also a video tutorial after the instructions.

If you need to add or update the phone number attached to your voter registration, visit, use the “find my registration” link, and click “edit”.

If you are unable to log in to the City's Direct Democracy Online website even though you are a registered voter and have a phone number attached to your voter record, please contact the City Clerk's Office at [email protected] or 303-441-4222.

Changes to your voter registration can take up 2 business days to take effect before you can use Boulder Direct Democracy Online. 

1. Go to Boulder Direct Democracy Online 

2. Get your Voter ID

  1. Click "Find My Registration", which will open a new tab. Fill out the form to look up your voter ID #.
  2. Copy your Voter ID number and close the tab.

3. Sign the petitions

  1. Go back to Boulder Direct Democracy Online. 
  2. Log in using the button in the upper right corner.
  3. Enter your year of birth and paste your voter ID number.
  4. The website will call or text a confirmation code to the phone number attached to your voter registration. Enter this code at Boulder Direct Democracy Online. 
  5. Click to verify your address.
  6. Sign our two petitions: Repurpose Our Runways and Runways to Neighborhoods!

Watch the Video Tutorial: How to Sign Online

What are our two initiatives for the November ballot? 

  • "Repurpose Our Runways" - to decommission the Boulder Airport, but allow emergency-only helicopter facilities and uses to continue, including for flood, fire, and medical purposes. 

  • "Runways to Neighborhoods" - to plan and create new neighborhoods on the airport site after decommissioning, with 50% permanently affordable housing on site for low, moderate, and middle income residents.

Why two ballot measures instead of one?
Because, by law, a city ballot measure can only do one thing.

We strongly support both measures together as a package. 

Read the petition language

If you have questions about using the City’s Direct Democracy Online website, please see the Direct Democracy Online FAQ.

If you are not yet registered to vote and would like to, visit the Colorado Secretary of State website.

You can also find us in person to sign on paper!

    Find us in popular public places in Boulder through late May.
    You only need to be a registered voter and provide your name and address.