The Airport Neighborhood Campaign (ANC)
would like to thank the voters of Boulder who signed our petitions
and all of our volunteers.
Because of you,
residents of the city of Boulder will be able to vote this November
on whether to repurpose the Boulder municipal airport site 
into new mixed-use neighborhoods with 50% affordable housing on site!


1. We celebrate! 
2. ANC is gearing up to win at the ballot box


  1. Donate. Donations will help us pay for all the things it takes to run a ballot campaign such as fliers, yard signs, and advertisements. 
  2. Write to City Council. Tell the Boulder City Council why you support the Airport Neighborhood Campaign. What is your personal story? What are your values? The more voices they hear from, the more likely they are to understand why the community needs to repurpose the airport for new neighborhoods with affordable housing.  
  3. Sign up for our mailing list. We'll be in touch with news, events, and more ways you can help make the Airport Neighborhood vision a reality. 


What are our two initiatives for the November ballot? 

  • "Repurpose Our Runways" - to decommission the Boulder Airport, but allow emergency-only helicopter facilities and uses to continue, including for flood, fire, and medical purposes. 

  • "Runways to Neighborhoods" - to plan and create new neighborhoods on the airport site after decommissioning, with 50% permanently affordable housing on site for low, moderate, and middle income residents.

Why two ballot measures instead of one?
Because, by law, a city ballot measure can only do one thing.

We strongly support both measures together as a package. 

Read the petition language

Why and why now?