​What would be the economic impact of decommissioning the airport and creating neighborhoods?

Revenue from the activities of thousands of residents and hundreds of businesses in 179 acres of new neighborhoods is bound to outweigh the revenue from 13 airport-based businesses and 200 pilots.

The City of Boulder has not yet done an economic comparison of the revenue generated by the airport’s 13 businesses and 200 pilots compared to the expected revenue that would be generated by 179 acres of new mixed use neighborhoods. However, even a quick commonsense comparison indicates that neighborhoods would be a huge net economic gain for Boulder.

Neighborhoods would generate revenue for the city of Boulder not only from the one-time sale of the airport land for development, but also ongoing property tax revenue and sales tax revenue from the homes and businesses to be built there. Furthermore, the estimated thousands of residents and employees of hundreds of businesses in the new neighborhoods (see FAQ “How many homes and businesses would a new neighborhood have?”) would be regular customers for Boulder’s schools, hospital, restaurants, grocery stores, and other local businesses.